Hubertushoeve, Raadhuisstraat 4, Ohé en Laak 

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Fully furnished appartment including all amenities located in the south of the Netherlands

The Hubertushoeve is one of the oldest renovated buildings in the village of Ohé en Laak. In conjunction with the stronghold Stevensweert it forms the “Island in the Maas River” (Eiland in de Maas). Neighbouring towns include Maasbracht (the largest Dutch inland harbour), Echt and Maaseik (Belgium). It is just a short trip to Belgium via the Maas ferry, for pedestrians and cyclists only.





The Island in the Maas is formed by the river’s currents and large scale gravel excavation creating expansive lakes and is thus one of the Netherlands largest water recreation areas.

Explore the area by following one of the many cycling trails that takes you through Southern Limburg (NL), Belgium and Germany. Closer to home you may spend time basking and swimming on the Maas beach (Maasterp), or fishing any where along the river.

The Hubertushoeve houses 2 luxurious apartments.

Apartment 1

Downstairs entrance leads to a large open kitchen, opulent dining and living area, laundry, shower and separate toilet.

The first floor contains a bathroom with bath and toilet, 2 luxury double bedrooms and a cosy single room. 

The large garden is for mutual use.

Apartment 2

Downstairs entrance leads to a large livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, laundry with sauna, and seperate shower- and bathroom each with a toilet. 

The first floor has 1 double bedroom and 2 single bedrooms, one of which including toilet.

The large garden is for mutual use.